Her (2013): Movie MyView

Artists have their own way of Love. They fall for anything but looks, and whenever they do it’s a story to look forward to. This movie titled Her, directed and written by Spike Jonze and starred by Joaquin Phoenix shows you exactly how.

Theodore (Phoenix) writes beautifullyhandwrittenletters(.com) for people to send to their fiancees, grandmas, parents and who not. He himself however, is struggling his way through a divorce and is living a lone life. And just then he finds Samantha (Johansson), or OS1, world’s first artificially intelligent OS. Samantha is capable of having her own feelings, appreciating art and quite amazingly, also wants a human body very badly so she can perceive the world and kiss her sweetheart. She helps Theo sort out his emails, get a book publishing deal for his letters, and also finally move out of the limbo that his divorce has thrown him into, only to fall in love with him. Quite naturally, Theo as well falls for her.

They put up an intelligently beautiful romance before your ears better than eyes. Together, they go on evening walks and beaches and exchange works of words and piano pieces. They advice each other over the petty-massive issues and They also fight fiercely some day to make amends on the next. They are both growing: with, and also, out of each other. What is the ‘happily ever after’ of this story?

The masterpiece poses before you a strong question whether if someday OS’s can really fulfill our needs of love and attention as well, and answers it convincingly by its end. The movie defines what love is in the practical world and shows how someone like Theo finds it in the end. Voice of Scarlett Johansson feels more than perfect for Samantha. Rich visuals and music make it all even more soothing. If you are an artist struggling with Love, you must watch this one. If you are not, I recommend it anyway. But don’t go by MyView, watch it and think about it by your own, and I’m sure the epic will give you many more insights on Love.