Morning Talk

It was a cold morning when the couple was climbing the hill for morning walk. Fog had draped the city below like silence over intimacy.

“You know what, we walk everyday,” He said, “Let’s do something special today.”

“Like what?” She looked at him.

He grinned and started running. “I have something to show you,” he shouted looking back, “Quick!”
“You don’t have to tempt me,” She replied and sprinted, before he could complete.

He stumbled as he turned, and she took the lead. Hopping the steps, running the climbs, competing each other and laughing, they arrived at the peak – almost out of breath.

Hearts were thumping like hammer.

He hugged her, panting heavily.

“What?!” She spoke into his chest in surprise and then turned her face sideway.
She wrapped her hands around him. He was silent.

“Wow! I can hear your heartbeat!”

“I know… Just… Let the hearts talk.”

She smiled, and closed her eyes.


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