Who I am

Just like another day, my mind ridicules me
Overflowing ego, like leaves should question tree
“Coward wimp, luck’s puppet, confused hazy dew,
Buried under failures, tell me, who really are you?”
“I’m all the mistakes that I have made
I am the goodness that I naively forbade
I am vibrant dreams that are yet to come true
Formidable tragedies, and, that I’ve crawled through
I am a soldier with nowhere to retreat
Fighting hard, insane refusal to defeat
Doubting myself once in a while, I’m fragile faith
Disappointed, Searching hope, now In light I bathe
I’m little smiles that can ignite on the faces
In Kindling wildfires, and, I have found my traces
Some days forgetting purpose, into the dark I stray
Twinkling star, trying hard to turn a night into day
I’ve had my bad days, but that’s not all my mate!
I am my story, and I am my fate.”